Jalisco Talent Land Digital 2021 is the largest event of connection and interaction between young talent, specialists, companies and government for the development of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

The first 100% digital edition will arrive from July 05 to 08, 2021, which seeks to bring together more than 2 million attendees in a virtual way interacting in the different activities that comprise it.

A space that will allow the connection and participation of talents from different latitudes in the multiple activities such as conferences, workshops, challenges and competitions that will maintain the spirit of coexistence and participation that characterizes it.

More than five hundred hours of content

More than two million attendees

More than ten simultaneous streams

Meet our Master Speakers

11 simultaneous content channels

Blockchain Land

The internet of value is being built with Bitcoin and Blockchain. Systems, companies, people and governments are interconnected, creating the future with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Bitcoin, smart contracts, NFTs, tokenization, trading, investments and the new world of finance. A new inclusive world where you can participate from anywhere in the world, open to everyone.

Know the land of blockchain and why it is developing rapidly; listen to the analysis from passionate experts who are revolutionizing the financial markets and the way things are done.

Business Land

This is the land of entrepreneurs, where you live the experience of breaking schemes and ideas are shared with great business plans to make them possible..

Innovative projects created by passionate talents come together in this space to find the support and impulse they need to reach and exploit their potential to the full.

Discover from the hand of our speakers and panelists the latest trends in digital marketing, the operating mechanisms in the different modalities of e-commerce and everything related to investment and financing for your projects.

Creative Land

Every corner of this land is inhabited by the creativity, ingenuity and talent of designers, illustrators, marketers, publicists, filmmakers, and all those restless spirits who land on the artistic side of entrepreneurship and innovation.

In recent years, the creative industries have been transforming accelerated manner and in times of uncertainty, they have found a way to adapt and find a new way to re-interpret themselves together with their audience.

Developer Land

This is the land of developers, where our talents can join the value-creating professionals in all industries to develop technologies and create the future. It’s the home of those who make things happen.

Here you will discover the most outstanding applications and get to know the work about the work of software programmers and developers capable of creating code with ingenuity and creativity.

Gamer Land

This is the land for professionals and fans of video games, where you can learn from the world’s best exponents with various conferences, from renowned developers to independent creators.

Get the best tips and guidance so you can enter this creative industry, which is setting the standard in the world.

Iron Land

Meet the most tangible expression of technology, in this land we will learn about smart devices, robots, and energy, directly linked to efficient digital transformation and productivity in the well-known industry 4.0.

Accompanied by our speakers you can learn about the analysis, design, practicality and usability of these developments; as well as the trends that are emerging in this sector of technology.

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