Talent Land

The largest gathering of young talent in Mexico

What is Talent Land?

Mexico’s largest talent & innovation event

Talent Land is an avenue for growth, inspiration and training where networking and collaboration is instilled in the brilliant minds that change the world with their talent.

You will also be able to network with prospective clients, recruit potential talent and generate important brand positioning.

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Connect with talent and technology

At Talent Land, we are excited to collaborate with companies that share our vision of innovation and passion for technology and talent.

Our partnerships with sponsors are based on a mutual commitment to create valuable experiences for thousands of in-person attendees, personalities, executives, and media who visit us at the event.

An immersive and comprehensive experience filled with conferences, activations, workshops, booths, digital communication, hackathons, and challenges.

Benefits of being a Sponsor


Direct access to a broad network of young, qualified, and specialized talent attending the event, facilitating the recruitment of new employees with specific skills in the IT sector for your company.

Projects and Ideas

Capturing disruptive ideas and projects through challenges and hackathons that challenge attendees’ skills. Sponsors can identify promising projects to support, invest in, or incorporate into their own innovation initiatives.


Strengthen your image as innovators and enthusiasts of technological advancement.

Gain brand positioning among a specific and massive target audience by generating deep interaction with the event.

Strategic Networking

Exclusive access to networking opportunities with industry leaders, innovative startups, and promising young talent, which can lead to future collaborations and business opportunities.

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What our Sponsors think

Beatriz Perdomo - Marketing Manager - LATAM ADOBE

Beatriz Perdomo - Marketing Manager - LATAM ADOBE

Our experience has been incredible because in the years we’ve been collaborating, we’ve shared content that has helped the audience connect deeply with our brand.

Alberto Ibarrarán - Director of Innovation Mexico - BOSCH

Alberto Ibarrarán - Director of Innovation Mexico - BOSCH

Collaborating with Talent has been the most gratifying experience for our company because we have achieved the goals of connecting, sharing, and co-creating the solutions of tomorrow.

Jorge Sánchez - Director of Innovation Mexico and Analytics - Grupo Modelo

Jorge Sánchez - Director of Innovation Mexico and Analytics - Grupo Modelo

Engaging in these types of initiatives allows us to invest in Mexican talent, young talent, and their creativity, to find solutions and drive forward their innovative proposals.

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