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Jalisco Talent Land 2020

Universities as generators of knowledge contribute to creating in their students a broader and more ambitious vision, to form character and detonate their self-confidence, promoting discipline and constant learning to achieve their goals.

The students of the Universities allied to Jalisco Talent Land, have the opportunity to attend the conferences, presentations and workshops of the invited specialists and in this have great experiences that bring them closer to the new creative and technological trends, allows them to obtain important resources to Your professional development.

The Network of Allied Universities to Jalisco Talent Land are those academic institutions of upper and upper middle level that have an active participation in our event. This is achieved through the formal link between the University and Jalisco Talent Land, generating the integration of an access or scholarship scheme for students interested in the activities and themes of the event.


Preferential costs of tickets and camping
Possibility of integrating content (activities or workshops)
Brand positioning
Recognition as a participating university
Let us be part of the academic life that makes up your university, register and be part of this network of alliances!

+ Universities

ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara
Universidad Cuauhtémoc
Universidad UNE
IE Business School


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