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We are talent and we are going for more!

Our talent ecosystem grows and we add more each time. The linkage axis of Talent Land as part of the Talent Network’s mission is to promote convergence among the 4 helices: Industry, Government, Academia and Society.

However, there are different organisms that are part of this ecosystem, where universities, different educational institutions, competitions that seek recognition of talent, support agencies for startups, communities and other social organizations throughout the country, form and promote the detection of talent through its different activities and as part of its objectives.

The strategy to strengthen the talent ecosystem is to consolidate the participation of these organizations within the Talent Network activities, recognizing with scholarships; incentives for the participation of its members or students, in the largest gathering of talent at an international level.

Be part of the talent ecosystem as a spokesperson for the activities of an organization that you belong to and that is dedicated to promoting learning, based on one of our thematic lands and the topics that comprise it, or as a creditor of some recognition of competence , Olympiad, contest or honorable mention for any project or research work.

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